Cheyenne Liao

L.M.P., A.B.M.P. - Over 10 years of experience

Cheyenne comes from a family with a long tradition of practicing Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Cheyenne was inspired to pursue a career in medical massage therapy by her grandfather Dr. Luying Liao, an internationally acclaimed practitioner in all the fields of traditional Chinese medicine. Cheyenne received additional training in the use of highly specialized medical massage skills by practicing under the guidance of local, highly trained and experienced acupuncture and massage experts in both Virginia and Maryland respectively. Also she was trained as a practical nurse when she worked for a board certified medical doctor (MD). She is certified by and has graduated from the East-West Institute of Hand therapy in Los Angeles, California and the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage.

Her extensive medical massage training combined with rich nursing experience background gives her a medically oriented perspective on patient care. Cheyenne combines techniques from all of her years of training and experience in Medical, Eastern and Western Massage to create lasting beneficial change for her patients. Cheyenne loves her work! She is privileged to be in the profession of her choice and never takes that for granted. Cheyenne never forgets that she gets to provide incredible physical and physiological benefits to people. These benefits positively affect their whole body.

Cheyenne enjoys helping people with their medical problems. Based on her experience, skills, and knowledge she has a lot to offer her patients both professionally and therapeutically. Cheyenne is particularly gifted at uncovering the root cause of a patient’s physical problem(s). It is not uncommon for patients to achieve significant benefits from their first session because Cheyenne is an expert therapist with the skills, abilities, and passion to help patients feel better fast!

Cheyenne’s credentials include board certification as a licensed massage therapist in the state of Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Chang Jiang (John) Hu

CTMD, Dipl, NCCA, L.Acu - Over 20 years experience

  • 4 year degree in acupuncture from Beijing Pei Li University.
  • Worked alongside his father, Professor Shi Gang Hu at the Beijing Tian Tan Acupuncture Research Institute.
  • In 1992, John Hu left for Japan as an international student, furthering his professional education and development at Si Guo Hospital, Japan.
  • In 1997, John Hu was certified to be the Japanese National Acupuncturist and massage therapist.
  • In 1998, John Hu immigrated to the United States and achieved his NCCAOM in 2000.
  • John Hu specializes in the following treatments: a variety of chronic or temporary pain management, stroke paralysis, arthritis, digestive problems, constipation, fatty liver, vision loss and headache, sports injury, vocational physical stress, bruises, acupuncture cosmetics, weight-loss, and smoking cessation.
  • John Hu is dedicated to promote wellness through acupuncture and serving people from all walks of life and all around the world.
  • John Hu exhibits a deep compassion for his patients and a burning passion for his chosen field in acupuncture.
  • Licensed in Virginia, Washington DC, and New York