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What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a natural way to help your body heal itself from pain, discomfort and stress related illnesses. It supports your body's natural immune defenses and is based on a system of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been used for centuries. Acupressure involves the use of gentle finger pressure on specific points along the body. You stay fully clothed and no needles are used. Acupressure relaxes both the body and mind and promotes a feeling of general well-being.

Who Can Benefit from Acupressure?

Anyone who is suffering from a chronic condition has ongoing stress in their life or experiences emotional or physical tension can benefit from acupressure. It can be especially helpful for people with back and neck pain, joint discomfort and hormone imbalance. The latest research has shown it can be especially effective to alleviate lower back pain. In addition, acupressure can be a very effective complement to conventional western medicine. For instance, it can improve the functioning of the lymphatic system to aid your body while it heals from injury or surgery.

While even a single, one hour acupressure session can be quite relaxing and beneficial to your health, ongoing sessions can be used to focus on specific areas of concern. Some examples are:

  • STRESS MANAGEMENT: Given the fast pace of our lives today, people need ways to release their stress before physical tension causes damage to internal organs. Regular acupressure sessions release the build-up of daily pressures and help keep the body resilient and healthy.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Acupressure uses trigger points to control the appetite, balance the digestive system and eliminate water retention. These techniques, along with breathing exercises, dietary information and behavior modification can create an integrated approach to long term weight reduction.
  • CANCER SUPPORT: For those who are cancer survivors or currently receiving conventional cancer treatments, acupressure can help support your body's natural healing processes. It helps to decrease some of the unwanted side effects of cancer treatments such as nausea, exhaustion, joint and overall body pain. In addition, an acupressure session is a soothing way to help you to relax while enjoying very positive touch.
  • SELF HELP: Acupressure is ideally suited for self-care. Most points are within a person's reach and are easy to use. An acupressure session typically will involve guidance in how to stimulate points on your own body so that you can take responsibility for your own health maintenance.