About Us

Many people suffer needlessly with all types of soft tissue pain including plantar fasciitis, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, piriformis syndrome (often referred to as sciatica) and fibromyalgia. Medically outcome based soft tissue therapy can and does relieve the pain while addressing the cause of the pain.

At Chi Wellness center, we treat a variety of musculoskeletal disorders such as:
headaches, sprains and strains, carpal tunnel, low back pain, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, neck pain, chronic pain, and whiplash.

Free your body from stress, chronic pain, muscle tension, and stiff achy joints. When you are seeking to revitalize body and mind, Medical Massage is the solution. Indulge yourself with our affordable relaxation massage that will reduce muscle tension, give you more energy and vitality, and melt away stress in 60 minutes or less.